Camden Healthy Start uses evidence-based approaches to improve the quality of care and services for Camden families.


System Improvements

Camden Healthy Start works closely with hospitals, primary care providers, community-based organizations and social service agencies to improve the system of care for Camden families and expand access. Camden Healthy Start is a trusted resource in the community for maternal and child health information, statistics and health education best practices. The program collaborates with local, state and regional partners to improve healthcare delivery and pilot new programs. Our partners include the New Jersey Department of Health, Camden County Department of Health, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and our member hospitals.


Health Insurance Enrollment

Camden Healthy Start helps participants enroll in a health insurance plan. Designated Family Support Specialists are trained to assess an individual’s needs and help them obtain coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.


Professional Education

Camden Healthy Start offers continuing education and training to health and social service professionals on maternal and child health issues with an emphasis on best practices. To learn more about our professional education offerings or to request a training, email us at [email protected].